Google Action: How can I configure a local project to use an ARN like Alexa Skills and deploy the code to Google Cloud


I am just stepping into Google Action using JOVO. Like deploying to Lambda for Alexa skills, how can I deploy my code to Google Action platform? I have seen some videos, but all those examples are using Webhooks. I need to be able to do a similar thing like Deploying to Lambda.

Also, my skill will be doing third party API calls from my company’s server using request-promise to store data in a local database and further sending necessary emails to clients.

Please guide me to some tutorials where I can get a step-by-step example of

  • Dialogflow configuration
  • Configuring the skill code with Google Cloud (maybe with an ID, like we have a Lambda ARN for Alexa Skills)
  • The Deployment part
  • Regarding the Language Model, like we can use multiple slots for an Alexa skill Intent, is the same possible for Google Action as well?

Apart from the above, I have two more questions:

  • Does Google Action have a similar user response length like Alexa (8 seconds)?
  • Can I use Google Assistant app for testing a skill via Android
  • How can I manage beta testing like Alexa?
  • Does Google Action provide a kind of Account Linking as Alexa as well? Alexa gets an Access Token along with a user’s profile information which I use to validate a user when he comes back to the skill. I don’t want a user to validate himself every time he wakes up the skill.
  • How can I make a Google Action live?

Also, I can see an Inline Editor in Fulfillment section. I believe if I can deploy the skill code to Google Cloud there is no need to use this one.

To my understanding, using Google Cloud requires a billing setup.
I have gone through but did not understand every bit of it. The invocation section says first 2 Million (probably per month, which is more than enough) is free. But did not understand how this works for the subsequent requests (Compute Time), i.e. requests to call intents.

I am sorry for putting too many questions in one! The intention is to make sure I have covered all the basic things I need to know before I start.

Kind regards,
Subrata Sarkar


Host your Google Action on AWS Lambda:


Thank you Jan! I will follow the instructions.