Google action response with audio without text



I have to add a response in the form of audio without text. In Alexa, it was possible but in google action, I am not getting a response.

    let speech = this.speechBuilder()
                    .addAudio('audio url here')

This code works for me in Alexa but in google action no response and no error.


Hey @sariga,

Google Assistant requires a display text:

In your example, it could be:

let speech = this.speechBuilder()
                    .addAudio('audio url here');
this.$googleAction.displayText('Some text');

Btw, I prefer using the Jovo $speech object, then you don’t have to initialize a SpeechBuilder object all the time:

this.$speech.addAudio('audio url here');
this.$googleAction.displayText('Some text');


Thank you @jan it worked.


Great! Closing this then

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