Google Actions Not Working



Hi everyone, I have a skill/action that I’m having a challenge with.
I’m using Jovo Framework 1.3
Both the Alexa skill and. Google action were in production when this problem occurred.
The Alexa skill and google action use the same lambda function for fulfilment. The lambda function connects to dynamoDB. The dynamoDB is configured in the app.json file. In the app.json file I have a different configuration for dev, test and prod. In the prod section I have my db, Alexa and google actions configured.
When I deploy Alexa to my prod environment everything works.
When I deploy google actions which is pointing to the same lambda function as Alexa it doesn’t work. I don’t receive the welcome intent. When I remove the db section in the app.json file under the prod section. Google actions works except for the intents that are dependent on the db.
For the google action using AWS API gateway and AWS lambda is there anything else special I have to do to get the actions/
Lambda function to connect to the dynamo db?
The only difference between the Alexa skill and the google action is the API gateway.
Let me know If it will help if I post the app.json file.
Thanks (edited)


As discussed in Slack, this might be related to the user IDs:


For anyone reading the thread - upgrading to Jovo 2.0 fixed the issue.