Google Actions Platform Specific Intents not copied to every locale



Hello, I have a situation where I want certain intents in my language model to only be present on Google Actions. I was referencing this doc for how to add platform-specific elements to the model.

I also needed this to be a global intent so my googleAssistant object looks somewhat like this:

  "googleAssistant": {
    "custom": {
      "global": {
        "NextIntent": {
          "handler": {
            "webhookHandler": "Jovo"
      "intents": {
        "NextIntent": {
          "trainingPhrases": ["next", "skip"]

This almost accomplished what I needed, except when deploying, the training phrases didn’t actually show up in the console. I was getting validation errors such as Trigger phrase is missing for custom intent 'NextIntent'. Locale: 'en-US'.

When looking through the platforms directory, after a jovo build, NextIntent.yaml is generated and present in platforms/googleAction/custom/intents, but not to the locale subdirectories such as platforms/googleAction/custom/intents/en-GB.

Copying the .yaml file for the intent to the respective directories seems to have resolved this issue. I could make a script to copy these files after a jovo build, but just wanted to check if there is anything I am doing incorrectly with the language model that causes this to happen.


CLI: GoogleConversationalAction model localisation build does not work

Hey @Moki. Welcome to the Jovo Community.

We’re taking a look. Thanks!

cc @rubenaeg


Hey @Moki,

welcome to the forum! What version of the Jovo CLI are you using? And what locales are you providing as your language models and in your project.js?


I am using Jovo CLI version 3.2.1.

In my language models, I have:

  • en-AU
  • en-CA
  • en-GB
  • en-IN
  • en-US

In project.js, I have localized settings for each of these locales specified in the manifest property of the googleAction object.

I had also tried to override the invocation names here, but just now realized that is not supported on Google Actions so I have just removed it. Not sure if that would affect anything.

Thanks for responding, please let me know if I need to clarify anything


Hey @Moki,

just checking in to let you know that I’m working on this. Update coming soon!


Thanks! Much appreciated.