Google Analytics Error


Hello, here is the error I have with google analytics

`Cannot read property ‘lastUsedAt’ of undefined

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘lastUsedAt’ of undefined
at GoogleAnalytics.saveStartStateAndLastUsed (C:\Users\jerome\Desktop\GoogleAnalysticsPlayer\node_modules\jovo-analytics-googleanalytics\src\GoogleAnalytics.ts:32:53)
at (C:\Users\jerome\Desktop\GoogleAnalysticsPlayer\node_modules\jovo-core\src\core\Middleware.ts:85:20)
at (C:\Users\jerome\Desktop\GoogleAnalysticsPlayer\node_modules\jovo-core\src\core\Middleware.ts:63:62)
at App.handle (C:\Users\jerome\Desktop\GoogleAnalysticsPlayer\node_modules\jovo-core\src\core\BaseApp.ts:274:41)
at App.handle (C:\Users\jerome\Desktop\GoogleAnalysticsPlayer\node_modules\jovo-framework\src\App.ts:333:5)
at C:\Users\jerome\Desktop\GoogleAnalysticsPlayer\src\index.js:20:5

Request details:
this.$alexaSkill initialized
this.$type: {“type”:“LAUNCH”}
this.$session.$data : {}
this.$nlu : {}
this.$inputs : {}


All errors are here

Thanks for your help


Hey @zigou13, can you share all the plugins that you added to app.use?


Maybe you haven’t enabled metadata.

Add this to your config.js

user: { metaData: true, },

More info here:


Thanks! We should probably evaluate this. The Google Analytics plugin should still work, even without metadata being enabled.

What do you think @AlexSwe?


Yes, should be possible without enabled metadata.

I’m not very experienced with the Google Analytics plugin, but maybe it only makes sense with the metadata?!


yes it’s good,
thank you my friend