Google Assistant Media Response – icon not showing


Hi everybody,

I am currently working on a Google Action that uses a Media Response to play back a single MP3 file. Playback of the file is working fine, but for some reason the cover image (icon) does not show on my Google Nest Hub – it does however show up in the assistant preview in the browser. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

This is my Code:

Playback() {
        "description": "Description",
        "icon": {
          "url": "https://…/…/cover.png",
          "alt": "Cover"

    this.tell('Los gehts!');


I investigated further: The image also shows in the Google Assistant app on iOS. I am starting to believe this is a Google Nest Hub bug.


Just tested it on the Nest Hub and had the same result. Somehow, it can’t handle the icon property.

But it works with “largeImage”

this.$googleAction.mediaResponse().play(song, 'title', {
            "description": "A funky Jazz tune",
            "largeImage": {
                "url": "",
                "accessibilityText": "Album cover of an ocean view"


Thanks for pointing me towards the solution. Interesting that it cannot handle the icon property.