Google Assistant not detecting states (and not able to read intents inside of states)




I was trying out the sample trivia game project from Jovotech in GitHub demonstrating the usage of states. I noticed that the project runs as intended when using Alexa in the Jovo debugger, but when switching to Google Assistant, an error would occur when executing an intent that is placed inside a state object. A sample error would look like:

// Error occurs when answering the question "Are you ready?"


Could not find the route "YesIntent" in your handler function.

Error: Could not find the route "YesIntent" in your handler function.

It seems that there is an issue in reading intents inside of state objects when Google Assistant is used. Could I possibly be missing something on my end for this? The project was cloned from GitHub without any code alterations. This behavior of intents placed in states not being read also occurred in personal projects.

My Jovo CLI version is **3.0.4**



Resolved. It was an issue with the Jovo debugger.

If you start debugging with the Alexa platform first, attempting to use Google Assistant on the same session will result in states not being red. Clearing the conversation/console will not stop this behavior. you’ll have to restart the Jovo debugger in order to be able to start debugging with Google Assistant. Same thing when you start debugging with the Google Assistant platform first - subsequent usage of Alexa will not work correctly with states.


Thanks for the update! Closing this

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