Google Digital Transactions - Is DigitalPurchaseCheck() Required?



Hey Jan & Jovo team,

Can you help us debug this error message:

We are implementing Digital Purchasing using Jovo. We’ve already set up:

  • Android App deployed to Google Play Store.
  • Website Verified in Play Store.
  • Website Verified in Actions on Google Console.

Here is our current LAUNCH function:

async LAUNCH() {
        const subscriptions = await this.$googleAction.$transaction.getConsumables(["gladosmotivationalquotepack"])

I see inGoogle’s docs they mention " It’s a good practice to make sure the user’s account is set up to perform transactions, before giving them the option to make a purchase. This step includes checking that the user has a payment method configured and they’re in a locale where digital transactions are supported. At the start of the transaction flow, use the DIGITAL_PURCHASE_CHECK helper to validate the user’s transaction configuration with the Assistant.

The following Node.js code uses the DIGITAL_PURCHASE_CHECK at the start of the conversation:"


Is this DigitalPurchaseCheck() already included in Jovo?
Is this check missing from Jovo documentation?




  • @Gal-Shenar


Update: Found source code


Still stuck.

Will keep you updated.