GoogleAction.Paused is not working



Here is how I call the stream

                        name: ' ' + name,
                        description: 'Playing',
                        url: " " + stream,
                        image: {
                            large: {
                                alt: ' ' + name,
                                height: 0,
                                url: '*.png',
                                width: 0,

When I pause it should go here:

                name: ' ' + radioName,
                description: 'Adesso in ripduzione',
                url: " " + stream,
                image: {
                    large: {
                        alt: ' ' + radioName,
                        height: 0,
                        url: '',
                        width: 0,

        'GoogleAction.Paused' () {
            // no response posible
            //progress = this.$googleAction.$audioPlayer.getProgress();

Why it doesn’t enter in the AUDIOPLAYER?


Hi @Il_Mil1,

Where are you testing? I think (correct me if I’m wrong @AlexSwe) if you test on a mobile phone and just hit the pause button, Google Assistant never sends a request


Did you add the system intent?


I tested and I’m testing in both google home mini and mobile phones.

@AlexSwe I don’t have the MEDIA_STATUS_PAUSED in the develop action console, I didn’t create an intent for pause because for the Alexa one I didn’t create one and didn’t think it was needed that I should have created that. I thought the pause is native and Google handle it


The behavior is different. You have to add the MEDIA_STATUS_PAUSED if you want to get the webhook called on pause.


Is there documentation about this? Or when can I look it up?



So if I understand correctly I have to add as global intent the MEDIA_STATUS_PAUSED and then when the media is paused it will enter in the Audioplayer’s GoogleAction.Paused?


In Conversational Actions it’s GoogleAction.<EVENT> => GoogleAction.MEDIA_STATUS_PAUSED


So I edit my Audioplayer to

‘GoogleAction.MEDIA_STATUS_PAUSED’ (){
console.log(‘Playback paused’);

In the global intent in conversational action, I set the MEDIA_STATUTS_PAUSED to call the webhook Jovo, but now when I pause in the action console test it crashes. The rest of the code is the same


Can you share any error logs?


I would like to share the error logs,but it doesn’t even enter in the GoogleAction.MEDIA_STATUS_PAUSED, so there are no errors, just “Google left the conversation”


My bad. I was a little too hasty. It’s still `GoogleAction.Paused’

When Assistant generates a media status event with the PAUSED or STOPPED status value, respond with a media response that contains only an acknowledgement (of type MEDIA_STATUS_ACK).

Just realized that we need a helper method like this.$googleAction.mediaAck(). The sample below should work until then.

    'GoogleAction.Paused'() {
        "content": {
          "media": {
            "mediaType": "MEDIA_STATUS_ACK",


Should I still have the MEDIA_STATUS_PAUSED as a global intent?
(I think there is a type in the code above:

I don’t think that the ! is needed


This is relevant for TypeScript projects. If you use JavaScript, no need to use it


This should be in the app.js or the model?


Sorry to bother you, but I’m still stuck with the pause, I have no idea where I have to put this code


Add it to your global handler.