Hello World example not working


I’m trying to run the Hello World Proyect and got the following error using Dialogflow testing

On the other side, when i try to test my code on the Alexa Developer Console it get stuck? Any suggestions?



Could you try testing in the Actions on Google Simulator instead of the Dialogflow Console? We’ve seen a few issues with this in the past


In Actions I’m not even connecting to the server.


what happens if you type “talk to diego test”


Excellent! That works!!!

Now, any ideas why Alexa console is not working? What ever I type it keep “thinking” without response


What’s the invocation name? Have you tried both speaking and typing?


Yes I have tried both. And I actually don’t see any request to the server


hm, have you tried a different browser?


Yes, I’ve tried with Chrome and Safari


Hi all,

I have actually find out the problem. It’s not a Jovo problem but a problem from the Alexa Console. If you disable your antivirus (or create an exception on your web shield for ‘*.amazon.com’) every thing start to work again.

For more information here is the post i found about these issue. Link