Hello World suggestion


Your default project is so uninspiring! Do you like pizza? You should use something like:


“The passage to the left is dank and slippery sloping downward. The passage to the right is steep and dry and very hot. What would you like to do now?”

Go Left: You take a step. You take another step. Oh no! You slipped into the Pit of Peril! You have died."

Go Right: The way is steep and dry and very hot. At the end of your climb the dragon is ready and cooks you to a crisp. You have died.

Ok, so that’s the beginning of my adventure game I’m trying to convert to Jovo, but it’s more fun than “I like pizza, too,” isn’t it?

Feel free to ignore. Just musing… But, really, if you wanted to plagiarize, you have my permission. I would be flattered.