How about friction in this flow UI?



i have a list of event
1, event title 1
2. event title 2
n. event xxx

So UI is bellow

Alexa : tell event 1 and ask Yes/No

  • yes, will tell Description event 1
  • no, will tel next event 2

Ui question :

  1. when alexa finish to tell description 1, how to exit without friction ?
  2. should I user Yes/No or Next/Previous Intent ?


Hi, could you tell me what you mean with “exit without friction” in your example?


now, when Description is finish, I dont know how to exit and return to main list.
at the end of description event, should ask to continu ?


We’ve seen different versions, here are some ideas:

Version 1
{Description 1}
“Would you like to continue with {Title 2}”


{Description 2} etc…

Version 2
{Description 1}
“I can also tell you more about {Title 2} or {Title 3}, which one would you like to hear?”

{Title 3}

{Description 3} etc…