How do I allow my users to respond slowly to Alexa and Google


My skill/action asks users for their phone numbers, suppose a user is saying his phone number like this - “nine nine four two {some pause} three three” but alexa starts responding as soon as the pause happens. Is there some way to :

  1. Make alexa/google wait for a fixed amount of time before taking a response
  2. Or to allow certain length of pauses in user responses


Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for Alexa or Google Assistant, as app developers don’t have control over how the assistants are listening to user requests


What you can do instead is to parse the phone number with a parser for example, and reprompt the user if there is something wrong.


but can we put some kind of constraint such that Alexa/Google Assistant have to wait atleast for a certain duration before considering a user response?
Also curious would that be a good solution?


Thanks for this, I have started using that parser in my skill.