How to debug deployment issues [Parsing error due to invalid body]




I’m getting some issues when trying to deploy my app on the environments I’ve created.

The lambda deployment seems to be working fine but the model deployment gives me the below error.

How can I debug this? Where can I see what’s going wrong? Is there a way to get some more info about he issue?

❯ Deploying Alexa Skill (stage: dev)
↓ Updating Alexa Skill project for ASK profile aibuser [skipped]
→ Endpoint:
❯ Deploying Interaction Model, waiting for build
:heavy_multiplication_x: en-GB
Enabling skill for testing
› Error: There was a problem:

› [ERR] smapiUpdateInteractionModel:Request is not valid.

› Module: jovo-cli-platform-alexa
› Hint: Parsing error due to invalid body.



I found the problem,

Misunderstanding the documentation here

I had added dialogflow properties across “all” entities in my model while I should have changed only the shared ones ( the one under the “intents” section on the 1st level)


That said, I think this mistake should have been highlighted during the model validation process.



Thanks for the update! Unfortunately, we’re not getting a more descriptive error message from the ASK CLI here. Hopefully we’ll be able to add more validation to the jovo build process soon.