How to get randomized i18n output with AirTable integration


we use the AirTable integration to represent our i18n content. This works great for scalar text like


Now, I would like to create randomized text but I couldn’t figure out how to represent the alternatives in AirTable.

In the basic Responses setup for the i18n/AirTable integration, there are at lease two columns, one for the key (e.g. “welcome”), one for each local value (e.g. de-DE for German “Willkommen”).

Is there a way to represent muitliple values built into the i18n/AirTable integration?

Options might be to

  • use a scalar value with separators, e.g. “Wilkommen|Guten Tag”
  • use a different field type in AirTable, e.g. multiple select

Is there a specific representation natively supported by the integration for randomized output?


Hey @Olav_Schettler,

if I’m not mistaken, you can use the same key in a new row, e.g.

| key     | en-US    |
| welcome | Welcome. |
| welcome | Hey!     |
| welcome | Hello.   |