How to integrate URL after creating function on Google cloud



I have deployed my code to google cloud functions and I have got the URL.

I am unable to get any help on how to use this URL to access my app through dialogflow and google assistant.

I used that URL in webhook of dialogflow and i am getting this error when i call my app

Please help me out with any good tutorial.



Did you see this tutorial?


Yes, followed this tutorial step by step for deploying. But still, I am getting error. I had deployed a simple google sheets CMS sample code.

Link to my code including bundle file:

Setup of my Google Cloud function.


Hey Anyone,

Can you please help me out? i am stuck at this point. Using Jovo would be worthless if i could not upload my app to the server.


Do you see any error logs on the Google Cloud Platform?


This is the log when I test the function in google cloud


Can you share the full request object?


I followed the same guide and used a Google Sheet CMS, and it looks like I ended up with the same response. It also doesn’t seem to be working with Alexa either. When I try to check the diagnostic info this is my fulfillment request

{ "responseId": "94b042d5-911f-4916-a66c-bd62f39720bb-94c15d0e", "queryResult": { "queryText": "what is it", "parameters": {}, "allRequiredParamsPresent": true, "fulfillmentMessages": [ { "text": { "text": [ "" ] } } ], "outputContexts": [ { "name": "projects/upmchealth-cimaqt/agent/sessions/9a5a06f5-0dd4-03b6-1973-765600e32c71/contexts/__system_counters__", "parameters": { "no-input": 0, "no-match": 0 } } ], "intent": { "name": "projects/upmchealth-cimaqt/agent/intents/2ee3c098-f9fa-484a-84c8-9116ff68a40a", "displayName": "WhatIsIt" }, "intentDetectionConfidence": 1, "languageCode": "en" }, "originalDetectIntentRequest": { "payload": {} }, "session": "projects/upmchealth-cimaqt/agent/sessions/9a5a06f5-0dd4-03b6-1973-765600e32c71" }

and this is my response when I try and test it on Google Cloud


I believe I found the problem - it is a permissions issue with the cloud function. Fixing that to allow allUsers to access your function will get it to work. This was a change as of January 15th the tutorial might not have known about it then


Ah thanks! We’ll have to update this :slight_smile: cc @Kaan_Kilic