How to make alexa speeh in moreIntent?


I have a list of news and not answer since 2 weeks.

on request, user can have detail from “Post”
But i dont know how to make link, from Post.tilte to Post.description

it’s like a detail.php?id=1


Could you be more specific? Not sure where you’re running into problems


what is the first way to make it possible.

alexa: hello, i have a new restaurant in Paris., do you want more detail ? or next

  • if i tell next, i will call next intent
  • if i tell more, i wish alexa tell “this restaurant in paris is …”

i dont know if i must make a new Intent called moreIntend


Yes, intents need to be created in the Alexa Developer Console or with the Jovo Language Model.

This course is a good starting point:


already check but not really to understand.
without sample code


Could you further elaborate where you’re running into problems?


i dont know how to make alexa read something, when alexa give 2 choices,

choice 1 : next suggest
choice 2 : get detail from suggest


This is explained here:

And here: