How to make better console.log?


i would like to make a better consol.log , it’s impossible to find how to debug easily


Hi. Could you further explain what you mean with better?

We have a verbose logging option:


log is very weird.
it’s mixed with so much logs


Could you further elaborate?


in console log, information is
drowned in a ton of information. when use --watch command, it always update.

it should be better, if console log can update somewhere in this view


You could use console.dd('Your log'), which is a helper that we added to immediately stop the execution. So your log is the last thing you see in the console.


ok thanks you, it work, but it break the flow when use
jovo run watch

If you need an idea, console log should be in new tab, and should not break the flow

here an example find somewhere


You can have the console.log output standalone. For this, you need to disable request and response logging in your config.js file:

logging: false,

Learn more here: