How to run Jovo Trivia Game template


Hey all,

Please, did anyone run the Jovo Trivia Game template? Could you please share any documentation about it?

Thank you!


Hi @augrafa, welcome to Jovo :wave:

I just tried downloading the Trivia template with the following command:

$ jovo new TriviaGame --template trivia-game

It worked for me to then run it with the following commands:

# Go to directory
$ cd TriviaGame

# Run Jovo development server
$ jovo run


Hi Jan,
I tried it before but this command just download the helloworld template :frowning:

thank you for your support!


Can you try it again? It worked for me


One other thing you could try: Download the trivia-template from this GitHub repository:


Thank you. This GitHub worked.

By the way, I found this sample and it is very useful as well: