How to stop this.tell in Alexa skill



Hello, is there an away to interrupt the this.tell()? I implemented the StopIntent and CancelIntent but during the this.tell speech it seams that Alexa does not recognize the command. Can anyone help? Sorry if this was asked before, but I have not found any info about it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I am not sure if I have understood it completely.

Are you trying to use this.tell('...') after saying “quit” ? Could you provide the request json?

Your skill cannot return a response to SessionEndedRequest .


Hi Alex, actually in my skill sometimes there’s a long text that I’m passing to this.tell('...'), so I’d like a away to user to interrupt while Alexa is speaking. I tryied with Alexa Stop but did not work. I’m testing in my phone using the Alexa app, not sure if in a real Alexa device it could work.
Unfortunately I can’t provide the requested json right now, but as soon I manage to get it I will post it here.

Thank you for your response :slight_smile:


Hi @atroliveira92, two things:

  • The way how Alexa is designed, people are always able to use the wakeword (e.g. “Alexa”) to interrupt existing output. Instead of e.g. waiting for the full response and then saying “next”, users could say “Alexa, next” while Alexa is still speaking. This is sometimes called “barge-in”
  • The above example requires an ask though. As you’re using tell, the session (and microphone) closes after this response, so there is nothing that users can really tell Alexa to do next with this Skill


Hi Jan, thanks for your explanation. I changed to this.ask and in a Alexa device it worked properly. It seems only in the Alexa app for Android I had this behavior.

Thanks for your fast feedback.