Invalid response from webhook: Failed to translate JSON to ExecuteHttpResponse



"{"prompt":{"content":{"card":{"title":"***","text":"***","image":{"url":"***","alt":"***"}},"media":{"mediaType":"AUDIO","mediaObjects":[{"name":"Radio 4.0","description":"Adesso in riproduzione","url":"***","image":{"large":{"alt":"Radio 4.0","height":0,"url":"***","width":0}}}],"startOffset":"0s","optionalMediaControls":["PAUSED","STOPPED"]}},"suggestions":[{"title":"Manda un messaggio"},{"title":"Ascolta un podcast"},{"title":"Aiuto"}]},"user":{"params":{"userId":"***"}},"session":{"id":"***","params":{"_JOVO_SESSION_":{"createdAt":"2021-03-08T16:17:16.151Z","new":true},"_JOVO_STATE_":null}}}"

I have no idea what is happening, I get this result in the cloud google log when testing, after that every test crashes even if I shut down the webhook. Why is this happening?

After the error above I have this:

There is no prompt message nor helper instruction in the response due to webhook failures:
INVALID_ARGUMENT: Invalid response from webhook: Failed to translate JSON to ExecuteHttpResponse..


After this, on action builder, if I try to change my invocation name it doesn’t change the suggestion for the test (in action builder) and crashes