Is Action Builder Supported by Jovo?



Does the new Action Builder work with Jovo?

Action Builder

I tried using Jovo today and got this error in LAUNCH:
Code: ERR_NO_MATCHING_PLATFORM Message: Can't handle request object.

Here’s the Main Invocation Route in Actions Builder.

  • Webhook: checked.
  • Event Handler: LAUNCH


Thx to @omenocal for replying via Twitter:

Looks like @AlexSwe added an npm package here.

We then added the package with:
npm i jovo-platform-googleassistant

Inside our app.js code we changed the import of GoogleAssistant
// const { GoogleAssistant } = require('jovo-platform-googleassistant');
const { GoogleAssistant } = require('jovo-platform-googleassistantconv');


Works with Bugs

Looks like some features on Jovo haven’t been implemented yet.

Features still needing implemented to Action Builder:

  • Suggestion Chips
  • MediaResponse

Message: this.$googleAction.showSuggestionChips is not a function


With help from @AlexSwe I have MediaResponse working for Action Builder.

Try this code:

				name: 'Media name',
				description: 'Media description',
				image: {
					large: {
						alt: 'Jazz in Paris album art',
						height: 0,
						width: 0,
		this.ask('start audio');


 'GoogleAction.Paused'() {
  // no response posible
  this.tell('Playback paused');
 'GoogleAction.Stopped'() {
  // no response posible
 'GoogleAction.Finished'() {
  this.tell('Playback finished');
 'GoogleAction.Failed'() {
  this.tell('Playback failed');

With MediaPlayer beware:

But the behavior is weird sometimes. Some events don’t get called in the simulator.
It’s more of a Google thing. Unfortunately we can’t fix that - @AlexSwe


You can find a getting started tutorial here:


Hi @Voice_First… Have you implemented Interactive Canvas on Actions Builder + Jovo?

How can I send dynamic “data” to the canvas using this lib?



@AlexSwe implemented Interactive Canvas support yesterday.

You can find an example here: