Is it possibile to hide an imageCard?



I use showImageCard, but sometimes an already used image card overrides the new one, I would like to know if it was possible to hide all the others and just leave one programmatically.


Let me explain better, I send a message in my skill, I show the message on the screen and then I go back to the live broadcast. After 20 seconds I see the screen of the message and after other 20 seconds another screen (the intent message screen), after that I have the correct screen. How is this possible? I never recall the other 2 screens after sending the messsage



I’m not sure I can follow. Can you elaborate what you mean with “then I go back to the live broadcast”? As a user? As coder? Or maybe a video or screenshots that show the sequence?


Yes, sorry, so the journey is that as a user:

  1. Go to the live - card for the live is shown
  2. Go to message intent - image card for the intent is shown
  3. Send a message - image card for the message is shown
  4. Return to the live - image card for the live is shown
    After this last image the intent remain the same (the live’s one) but the cards go backward, so after 20 sec it goes to the image of the send a message, and then message intent.

This happen with an Echo Dot


Now I’m trying to use the showDisplayTemplate it works, but after 10 seconds it is fired the standard template, but I do not use any other image function. Why is this happening?


In this tutorial I understood that is possible to create a custom view, but after 30 seconds the default view (black background, name of the skill and the bottom text:“Now playing”) is appearing, how I can change this?