Is there a table showing how to portably accept different datatypes?



Your examples indicate that a slot for a number can be specified as:
“inputs”: [
“name”: “ordinal”,
“type”: {
“alexa”: “ordinal”,
“dialogflow”: “@sys.ordinal

I need to request dates.

I know Alexa has a slot type that accepts a wide variety of date references and returns a possibly-incomplete ISO datestamp, and that there some helper libraries (AmazonDateParser) which will expand those into ranges with fully resolved start/end date.

But I’m not sure how to specify that Alexa type in the inputs: [] section, and I’m not certain what the Dialogflow equivalent is.

Is there a doc page which shows the standard declarations/handling for various types? (If not, there problem should be.)

Or is there an example which shows how to ask for dates?

(Answering my other question: Amazon now has an ordinal slot type, in beta test. I don’t know whether it’s clever enough to handle numbers expressed as “Twenty nineteen”, but since their dates do, one can hope.)


Hi @keshlam,

That’s a great point! Since there are so many different entity types across providers, we haven’t worked on a table like this yet. Would be a great community project though, at least for the most common types.