Issue Upgrading Jovo



I am having trouble upgrading Jovo in my linux machine. I uninstalled and installed the jovo-cli and got this result.

As the image shows, after i installed againg it says:

  • jovo-cli@2.2.12

But if i run jovo --version then it shows:

Jovo CLI Version: 2.0.15

Is this normal?? Am i missing something??

I am currently running Linux Mint 19 x64.

Thanks in advance


Hey @Jesus_Mazzei

I’m trying to reproduce it (on Win10)

I had the latest version installed.

npm install jovo-cli@2.0.15 -g
npm install jovo-cli@latest -g

Works without problems.

Could you try to uninstall and reinstall?


Hey @AlexSwe,

The screenshot i sent was after i uninstalled and then installed again, and it appears to work fine. It’s the jovo --version command result what confuses me.

I have been trying some things with amazon pay (which is supported with jovo 2.1+ if i am not mistaken) and the functions work, so i think i do have the latest version running. It’s a bit confusing though…