Jovo 4 deploying to Azure failing




I’m trying to deploy Jovo v4 app to Azure Functions via serverless. But getting below error and can’t find the reason from the message.

$ npm run deploy:azure 

> [email protected] deploy:azure        
> jovo deploy:code serverless --stage prod-az

jovo deploy:code: Upload the source code to a cloud provider
  >> Learn more:

✔  Bundling your code     
✖  Deploying to Serverless

x Error: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
› Message:
›  Serverless deployment failed.
› Module:
›  ServerlessCli
› If you think this is not on you, you can submit an issue here:

I am deploy sample serverless Azure Functions app without any error. So, the issue is not with the env setup.

I suspect the issue is with either my serverless config or something to do with my Azure implementation for Jovo 4.


"service": "jovo4-test-app"
"frameworkVersion": "3"
  "artifact": "./"
  "name": "azure"
  "runtime": "nodejs12.x"
    "handler": "index.handler"

Can someone please suggest? Thanks


Hey @manikanta

The error msg/ stack trace passed by the Jovo CLI needs to be optimized.
Have you tried it with the serverless cli? I assume, you’ll get a better error message


I’m able to upload using serverless CLI when using interactive login. But when using ‘Service Principal’ way, I’m getting below error

Error: The client '82e6289a-7191-454b-95bb-281bd3fb7931' with object id '82e6289a-7191-454b-95bb-281bd3fb7931' does not have authorization to perform action 'Microsoft.Resources/subscriptions/resourcegroups/write' over scope '/subscriptions/530da058-ec10-407e-adf2-f7e557e6315b/resourcegroups/sls-wus2-dev-serverless-test-rg' or the scope is invalid. If access was recently granted, please refresh your credentials

Strange thing here is the client ‘82e6289a-7191-454b-95bb-281bd3fb7931’ is different from what I configured using env variables. I removed .azure directory from my user home as well. Not sure from where it is picking up the client id which is shown in the error message.

Any experience with this? Thanks


I don’t have any Azure experience at all :frowning:

Is client supposed to be the azure account?


Ok, no worries.

Yeah, I hope so as the client ID I gave in the environment variables is different from what I see referred as a ‘client’