Jovo commandline glitch


If I type jovo deploy -target=zip (using one dash rather than two), Jovo responds with

 »   Error: There was a problem:
 »   Error: Expected --target=arget to be one of: all, info, model, zip, lambda
 »   See more help with --help

That --target=arget suggests that you’re trying to turn -t into --target and use the rest of the token (minus the = and characters after it) as its argument. Which is not entirely unreasonable given Unixoid command-line parsing conventions, but it might be worth having a special-cash which recognizes this special case and either interprets it more cleverly or tells the user how to fix it.


jovo deploy -t zip or jovo deploy --target zip

omit the “=” @keshlam

when you upload to lamda good prctice is to do an “alexa start session” etst from the tempate dropdowns and check it fires up. Then if you happy with the code make sure you publish a new version - so you can roll back if the next upload doesnt work


Ah, yes. Thanks.

Still having trouble having it upload automatically to lambda.

And still working to try to improve the lambda start-up speed so cold requests don’t time out and give up.