Jovo deploy failed



I am trying to do jovo deploy and I am getting an error custom skill must have an interaction model. When I do jovo build with my interaction model it was successful.Can someone please help3 4


Hey @sariga,

can you confirm that your interaction is not deployed by checking in the Alexa Skills Console?


Hey @sariga facing the same issue while deploy. Did you find any solution?


Hi @rubenaeg, facing same issue, Empty skill is created in Alexa and giving the same error. Tried to deploy “HelloWorld” template.

Using ask-cli version 1.7.23

Jovo packages of current project:
jovo-core: 3.2.2
jovo-db-filedb: 3.2.2
jovo-framework: 3.2.3
jovo-platform-alexa: 3.2.3
jovo-platform-dialogflow: 3.2.2
jovo-platform-googleassistant: 3.2.4
jovo-plugin-debugger: 3.2.4



Hi @moinbhavnagri, could you update the ASK CLI to v2?