Jovo for Web 3.2


Hi, folks. I’m just starting to look at Jovo, so apologies if this has already been discussed…

I’m seeing a slightly odd behaviors with the Standalone Voice Experience demo, using Chrome on Windows 10 on a reasonably fast Lenovo laptop.

When using the laptop’s built-in microphone (but with the laptop cover closed), there seems to be a threshold below which this application doesn’t accept the audio input as speech. I have to speak louder than normal if I want the app to transcribe my voice.

Using an external mic (Blue Yeti), that doesn’t seem to be a problem; I can speak much more quietly and it still transcribes effectively.

I don’t know whether this is a difference in how the mic inputs are configured (the Yeti probably is producing a stronger signal), or the fact that the Yeti is just a higher-quality mic, or if the internal mic is being overwhelmed by fan noise or suffering from being muffled by the case, but I thought it was worth commenting on, in case others see something similar.

If this is expected, it might be nice to have a “tuning” web-app or a volume indicator (built into the overlay graphic?) to help folks realize why Jovo isn’t responding, so they can adjust themselves or their systems appropriately.


Hi @keshlam, welcome to the Jovo community :tada:

Thanks a lot for bringing this up, interesting observation! Our web demo uses the Chrome Web Speech API. Do you see the same behavior when you try this demo?