Jovo platform local setup


I want to contribute to jovo-plaform-facebookmessenger, however I’m running into some trouble when trying to set it up locally. I’ve followed the steps listed here, but I run into handleRequest.jovo.getRoute is not a function when creating a link of jovo-platform-facebookmessenger to a project that requires it. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?


Hi @bly, welcome to the Jovo community :tada:

Great to hear that you want to contribute to Jovo. Tagging @AlexSwe to take a look at this issue.

A side note: We’ve been heavily working on Jovo v4 the last months and are about to release the beta this week, which also comes with FB Messenger support. Maybe it’s worth taking a look:


Hey @bly, welcome to the community!

When do you get the error? Right after the request or at the start?



Thanks for the reply Jan and AlexSwe. The error occurred right after the request but I’ve managed to solve the issue.

If it helps anyone, the steps I had to perform to fix the error were:

  1. cd jovo-core and npm link
  2. cd jovo-framework and npm link
  3. cd jovo-platforms/jovo-platform-facebook and npm link
  4. npm link jovo-core and npm link jovo-framework in jovo-platforms/jovo-platform-facebook


Hi Jan,

Super excited about Jovo v4, I’ll be taking a look at it very soon!

In the meantime, I’ve got a PR coming for FB messenger in Jovo v3 that addresses some issues that I’ve noticed when performing unit testing. I’m hoping the PR will help your team address the issues in v4 if it hasn’t already been resolved.