Jovo requires gactions CLI



This is my first time deploying a new Conversational Action to Actions on Google using the Jovo CLI.

I’m following this tutorial by Jovo.

I successfully logged into gactions with the command:
gactions login

However, when I run the deploy command:
jovo deploy

I receive the following error:
[ERR] Jovo requires gactions CLI

I’m not sure why I’m receiving this error as I just used gactions to login.

Can anyone help me resolve this?


Update: I opened a Github issue here.


According to @AlexSwe it appears v3.1.x of gactions cli is to blame.

We should have updates after the weekend.


No one is to blame :slight_smile:

I checked it with 3.1.x and it worked. The problem is somewhere else. I will take a look tomorrow/day after tomorrow.