Jovo server deployment: Missing certificate



i try alexa and jovo in same server.
jovo not work when publish in live server.
with missing certificat.
i dont get why need ssl . when alexa-ask not need


If you want to host your Alexa Skill somewhere else than AWS Lambda, you need a certificate. No matter if you use Jovo, ASK SDK, or anything else.

Is there any particular reason you don’t want to host on AWS?


because. we can t run unit test on aws lamba
and not have db.json created
we need so much data , and we be reach limit before paid any unknown service.
and it s a vendor lock in anti patterns.


Usually, we run unit tests before deploying, but that’s an interesting thought.

We strongly discourage anyone from using db.json in production, even on your own severs, as the integration is only meant for prototyping. It’s possible that the file is damaged when two processes try to access it at the same time.


yes. but after change SSL certificat.
i have receive issue but not log.
so i start unit test , and i found . datetime issue not found in local and dev environnement.

db.json is a step before switch to mysql. it’s temporary. maybe sqlite should be use.