Jovo showImageCard


Hi I am using

this.showImageCard(‘Card Title’, ’ Card Content’, {
smallImageUrl: ‘’,
largeImageUrl: ‘’,
.tell(‘Hello World!’);

and below is the response jovo is sending which cause the error.
smallImageUrl is getting nested,please let me know if i am making some mistake

“card”: {
“type”: “Standard”,
“image”: {
“smallImageUrl”: {
“smallImageUrl”: “”,
“largeImageUrl”: “”
“largeImageUrl”: {
“smallImageUrl”: “”,
“largeImageUrl”: “”
“title”: “Card Title”,
“text”: " Card Content"


Welcome @rkj706! If I remember correctly, I think you need only add the URLS for this method as so:

  ‘Card Title’, 
  'Card Content’, 
).tell(‘Hello World!’); 


sorry i removed the url because as a new user i was not able to post with more than two links.

I am using the same code , but the jovo request is preparing like i mentioned above.
smallImageUrl is going inside smallImageUrl object when jovo connvert the code to alexa