Jovo v/s BotTalk


Hi all, I am new to voice app development and wanted to build a cross platform voice app for Alexa and Google.
I am stuck between choosing jovo or BotTalk for my task. I first have to build a VUI but later integrate it with my GUI app. My app will require a database and voice-GUI interaction.
Can anyone list any drawbacks of using one over the other.

Thank You


I’m obviously biased, so here are just a few thoughts: Jovo is a developer framework (you write and own the code) and Bottalk is an online service (you write the app based on markup language and they host it).

There are so many differences that I believe the best way to see what suits you better is to take a look at both quickstart guides for an understanding how the tools work:

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Sorry, I’m late to this discussion, but I still wanted to add this graph compiled by the amazing @marktucker to the discussion:

Having worked with neither VoiceFlow / VoiceApps or BotTalk, I don’t actually know if BotTalk has far less ability to customize, but the lack of a visual drag-and-drop interface and the requirements to adhere to a strict syntax of YAML definitely places it closer to actual code than to the drag-and-drop platforms in terms of ease of creation.

It’s quite interesting to follow the Twitter thread on this topic: