Jovo v4 doc questions/suggestions

#1 has a link to, which returns 404-not-found.


Thank you, fixed!


Could someone please take a moment and reorganize (or at least its README) to clearly separate v3 examples from v4?

Simplest for now might be to add a v4 directory and put the new samples under that; by not moving the v3 code you would avoid having to immediate update all your documentation links and would avoid surprising anyone who does a git pull on an old copy of the v3 version. Though I think a directory per (not-backward-compatible) version is probably more robust in the longer term.

Even if you don’t have many v4 samples ready for publication yet, this would avoid users having to browse into the code to determine which ones are valid for their version of Jovo.

And it should be a quick and easy reorg. Right?

(Want me to fork, do it, and submit a pull request?)


Yes, thank you. It probably makes sense to move all Jovo v4 templates into a new branch of said repository. For now, I adjusted the README.

The v4 templates can be found here: