Losing "Store Preview" when deploying Amazon model?



Hi, folks. Something a bit confusing is happening when I do my jovo3 deploys: Any descriptive information I entered in the Alexa console’s Distribution/Store Preview page is being wiped out, mostly reset to empty, with the public name becoming my git project name (new-sounds-on-demand) rather than the published name (New Sounds On Demand).

PARTLY ISOLATED: The data overwrite is occurring during jovo3 deploy, and occurs whether or not I’ve rebuilt the bundle first.

Workaround: When I’m ready to release the new version of the skill, I can manually recopy the information into those fields from the live version’s pages. But that shouldn’t be necessary.

If you have trouble reproducing this, I’d be glad to run an instrumented test. My project’s on github, if you want to check whether it’s missing anything obvious.

It would actually be a nice feature to be able to keep the human-readable skill description as part of the project and have it uploaded automatically during deploy, in a way that’s appropriate for the target environment. “Configuration as code”, I think, is the current buzzword. If that already exists (a) please point me to it, and (b) it might want to be a bit more cautious about not overwriting existing data when the new data is empty.

At some point in here I really need to start digging into Jovo’s implementation so I can help isolate and patch this sort of thing rather than just reporting it. But I’d hoped to move to v4 first, and I’m still not quite ready to pull that trigger.


I recommend running jovo3 get first before jovo3 deploy. Your project information will then be downloaded into the platforms folder. If you want, you can then copy the information from the skill.json to the project.js alexaSkill property to make sure it’s not overridden with the next jovo3 build: https://v3.jovo.tech/marketplace/jovo-platform-alexa#skilljson-overrides


Ahhh. Makes sense now that I understand; either I forgot it or it might be worth emphasizing a bit more in docs.


OK, jovo3 get alexaskill did pull down the stuff entered via the Alexa console and update the skill.json file. Sorry, that [skipped] keeps making me think an operation failed when it didn’t.

And copying it into projectjs seems to be doing the right thing.

MANY thanks for the pointer and patience.


Ah yes, the [skipped] was a problem because the underlying library we used for the Jovo v3 CLI changed a bit. This was fixed in v4.