Map a Build in Alexa Slot Type for Google Action/Dialogflow


Hey there,

was wondering if sb has an idea of mapping an Alexa built in Slot type to also work with Dialogflow.
I wanted to use the AMAZON.NUMBER Slot type, but I can’t find anything similar in Dialogflow.

So my only idea right now is to specify my own inputType or only an entity for dialogflow.

If sb has faced the same issue and/or has a better idea i’d be thankful for a help or hint :smiley:



This is how it’s done in the sample app:

			"name": "MyNameIsIntent",
			"phrases": [
				"my name is {name}",
				"i am {name}",
				"you can call me {name}"
			"inputs": [
					"name": "name",
					"type": {
						"alexa": "AMAZON.US_FIRST_NAME",
						"dialogflow": "@sys.given-name"

For numbers e.g., you’d have to go into the list of system entities for Dialogflow and look if they offer something similar to AMAZON.NUMBER. I think it’s @sys.number. Or more here:


Thanks. However I figured out the solution by myself. It’s pretty weird where to find the documentation concerning google entitys ( Wasn’t able to find it in the dialogflow nor the google action docu