Multi surface conversations


Hi guys,

Is it possible to have multi surface conversations on the google device as explained in the link below?

I want to be able to start a conversation on google home, and continue on my phone. Is this possible?



Hey @Afamefuna_Anigbo!

Not yet, but I built something today that has to be tested on other devices first. I hope to release it tomorrow :slight_smile:


Just published the feature to NPM.

Here’s an example:

    async LAUNCH() {

        const availableSurfaces = this.$googleAction.getAvailableSurfaces();

        if (availableSurfaces.includes('actions.capability.SCREEN_OUTPUT')) {
                'Let\'s move you to a screen device for cards and other visual responses',


        if (this.$googleAction.isNewSurfaceConfirmed()) {
            this.tell('Hello Smartphone');
        } else {
            this.tell('Hello Speaker');



Thanks @AlexSwe!

Will try this out and revert!



Thanks once more, @AlexSwe. I’m using this approach to get users back into the account linking flow. On Google, there isn’t a way to show an account linking card once the action is linked. I’m transferring them from smart speaker to phone if necessary, then showing a link out suggestion to a web page with a redirect to the Google Action’s page and telling the user to press the “unlink” button and then the “link” button. Very complicated comparing to simply showing a link card in the Alexa app and telling the user to open the app.