New Actions Builder Jovo Model Support for @sys.any


The above format in the Jovo Model (/models/en.json) doesn’t produce the correct files on jovo build:

      "inputs": [
          "name": "query",
          "type": {
            "alexa": "AMAZON.SearchQuery",
            "googleAssistant": "actions.type.FreeText"

With the above format, the file created is:


  - "find ($query 'query' auto=true)"
  - "name": "query"
      "name": "actions.type.FreeText"

The type, actions.type.FreeText, is not valid.

What is needed is the following:


- name: query
    name: ANY_TYPE
- find ($query 'query' auto=true)


freeText: {}

What format do I need to add to the Jovo Model to get the correct output?

Introducing Google Actions Builder Support for Jovo

What version is your jovo-cli at?


Jovo CLI Version: 3.0.28


You’ll need to update to 3.2.1 for FreeText to work.