New error seen on jovo build --reverse on Windows 10


I recently upgraded to Jovo CLI Version 3.0.13 and I now get the following error when I try to do a reverse build in a Windows 10 PowerShell:

»   Error: There was a problem:
»   Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir
»   'C:\WorkFolder\jovo\C2CAudioPlayer\platforms\alexaSkill\skill-package\interactionModels\custom'     

I am getting this error for all skills that I’ve tested, so it is not isolated to one. I do not get this error on my Mac (nor does the skill-package directory exist in either environment). Any ideas on what could be causing this error?

Clarification: I just checked and my Mac is still running Jovo CLI version 3.0.5. I’m afraid to upgrade it because I don’t want to lose the jovo build --reverse functionality.


I have discovered that this issue has nothing to do with the OS. I believe the problem has to do with the CLI version (of both jovo and ask) that I used when the project was created and initially built. If I create a new jovo project with 3.0.13 and aws-cli@2 , I can successfully build, deploy, get, and reverse build.

My modified question is now - if a user has a skill that was created using an older version of the jovo-cli (based on jovo-cli@2 and ask-cli@v1), would the best thing to do be to delete the platforms directory and rebuild? I tested this approach on an old project and it seemed to work.


Hey @Ben_Hartman,

if you’ve built your app with jovo-cli@v2 and ask-cli@v1, you can try the migration command of the ask-cli: ask util upgrade-project

You can find a guide for migrating your skill here. Keep in mind that your skill is located inside platforms/alexaSkill!


Thanks @rubenaeg. I actually gave the upgrade-project a try earlier, but hit a “You do not have access to the resource” error. At this point I was tired of fighting, so I ended up just removing platforms and then did a jovo get alexaSkill - after that I was good to go.