NLU Evaluation Tool and NLU Annotationset



Hi there,

I’m using the NLU Evaluation Tool in the Amazon Developer Console. It’s a pretty helpful tool. In the documentation of this function I found, that it should be possible to manage this tool with the ask cli. (Amazon Doc) After reading that, I was thinking, is this possible directly with Jovo?
So I searched on the jovo website and here in the community forum, but I didn’t find anything. Is this already a feature or something that will be possible in the future?

Thank you


It’s not possbile yet, sorry.


Thanks for the clarification. :+1:
I suspected that.
Do you have any idea if this could be supported in the near future?


Not in the near future. I will add it to the list and re-evaluate with the team soon.

I haven’t used it heavily, to be honest. I can’t estimate the effort right now.