Not getting input value (entities)



Hello all,

I am new in jovo, I have tried to getting input value, another words not getting dynamic entity value.

Models JSON file
“invocation”: “my test app”,
“version”: “4.0”,
“intents”: {
“BuscaIntent”: {
“phrases”: [
“test {name}”,
“test thanks”
“type”: “INTENT”,
“intent”: “BuscaIntent”,
“entities”: {
“name”: {
“value”: “max” // I have tried but not get. And need to set dynamic value

Component code:
async busca() {
console.log(this.$entities); //blank array
console.log(this.$ //undefined

Have followed Jovo document URL :
Please suggest how to getting dynamic entities name.
Thank You



I have set up the configuration and tried all possible solutions and changes in model JSON but not getting entities value {name}. Tried a lot by finding it in the Jovo document but didn’t get any solution. I have tried this.$input.text but return full search string but I need only {name} only. Please help how to get entities value.
If it is possible please give me an example link for that because more things will be clear from the example.

Thank You


Hey @Ankur_Kumawat

This is an example that worked for me:


  "invocation": "my test app",
  "version": "4.0",
  "intents": {
    "MyNameIsIntent": {
      "phrases": [
        "my name is {name}",
        "i am {name}",
        "you can call me {name}"
      "entities": {
        "name": {
          "type": "nameType"
  "entityTypes": {
    "nameType": {
      "values": ["Max", "John", "joe", "jane"]


import { Component, BaseComponent, Global, Intents } from '@jovotech/framework';

export class GlobalComponent extends BaseComponent {
  LAUNCH() {
    return this.$send(`Hey! What's your name?`);

  nameIsIntent() {
    return this.$send(`Hi ${this.$}`)

This is the result:


Hello, Thanks for the reply,

How can I get a dynamic entity name?
Because username can search anything.


Unfortunately, it’s not possible with nlpjs. However it works on Alexa and Google Assistant


Thanks for the reply.
But Alexa and Google Assistant not working in V4 Jovo Debugger.