ON_PURCHASE issue after running jovo update



I have been developing a skill for the pas few weeks and it uses amazon pay. It was all working correctly until today at noon. I got the recommendation to run jovo update and i did. After that, jovo-framework got updated to 2.2.25 and jovo-platform-alexa to 2.2.27, amongst others updated packages.

After running this, the ON_PURCHASE intent is not processing the Connections.Response sent from amazon pay.

Did something change? Do i need to do something extra?

The resquests json for amazon pay did not change, i sent the same exact request with the skill, it worked perfectly, then i updated, ran the skill and the ON_PURCHASE does not get triggered now.

PLEASE i need urgent help with this. @jan @AlexSwe


Yes, we published something related today. I think I know the problem. Give me a moment for the fix


Fixed and published. Could you please retry?


Hey @AlexSwe,

For now the more convenient approach for me was to downgrade the packages. For now i am able to work as i was before. I’ll check on the state of this later.

Thank you.

PS: Sorry for the drama, the stress of a demanding client pushing for a deadline, you know :sweat_smile:


No problem. It was my mistake earlier today :slight_smile: