playAudio - buffer



Hi all,
I inserted an icecast link in a media object for listening to the stream of a radio. But when the user calls the intent it always takes a long time to load, the audio starts after about twenty seconds. I set the object like this:

name: titlePlayer,
description: contentPlayer,
url: _streaming,
image: {
large: {
alt: ‘Title’,
height: 0,
url: '_urlImage,
width: 0,

Is there a way to force play without having to wait for loading?


We followed this guide ( and changed the burst-size parameter. In this way the player starts immediately.


Good to know, thanks! We had this issue 2 years ago.

cc @dominik-meissner


If this does not work (since no icecast in the mix) There is another workaround: Add a sufficient long prompt before playing the audio (eg. “Great choice! I will now start playing the audio for you. A small hint: you can pause playback anytime and next time we will catch up where you left”) will bring down buffer times from 30s to the duration of the text (~10s). Its a bit hacky but does not leave the user in a lost state. The text has to be sufficient long - too short no result. Play around with adding words.