Podcast Player from RSS



I am new to the Jovo framework, I’ve setup a skill using Project 3 (podcast player) however I want to modify it so that it pulls the episodes from an RSS feed rather than from the episodes.JSON file.

I’d be incredibly grateful if someone could assist?



Hi, welcome to the Jovo Community :wave:

I’m assuming something like this package could be useful:


Hi Jan

Yes that does what I want it do and using the code in the test environment of rss-parser, I’ve got it to print to the console the list of content from the RSS feed that I need. However, would you mind giving me a hand in adopting the project to use this list generated rather than episodes.json?


Hi Jan

I’ve managed to get the code to pull the RSS feed, but I’m having difficulty in getting it formatted the same way as the episodes.JSON so the rest of the skill works as expected.