Problem with Airtable Integration



I believe I found a problem with the AirtableCMS integration when using the ObjectArray type. If you have a table with some empty column values in it, those cells are ignored and all other values are essentially shifted to the left in the final array.

This is caused by the line let values = Object.values(_get(r, ‘fields’));’ in the loadTableData function in AirTableCMS.js because Object.values only gets mapped values (non-empty), without field names, so those are simply superimposed over the full key array and truncated. This can be reproduced in a table with multiple columns, each row representing a ‘record’.

I was able to cobble together a hacky fix but someone will want to take a look at that function and fix it properly.

Otherwise, the integration works amazingly well for even complex data!


Thank you! We will take a look.

cc @Kaan_Kilic