Problem with Alexa audioPlayer



When I play song with audioPlayer I don’t have the possibility to going on an other intent, just stop or pause is fonctionnal and this two words call pauseIntent.

Someone would be how to access other Intent ?


After returning an AudioPlayer response, the Skill closes the session, there’s no way around it with the Alexa AudioPlayer Interface.


that’s what I thought, too, but I found apps on who do it


Maybe those apps use the addaudio of the speach builder. Or the audio tag in APL within the commands. If you say what you those skills were doing maybe is easier to find the way to replicate


My skill allows you to listen to the radio for example this mp3: (it’s an infinite sound)

And I want at least leave the app from the player.

I think the other apps use audioPlayer because they have a picture, a subtitle…



I found an application on this link : that can launch helpIntent by launching the audio but it is not in jovo somebody has integrated it ?

Thank you !