Programatically adding handlers & components



We are evaluating Jovo 4 for our low-code platform. Given the nature of low-code platform, we need to add handlers and thus routes programmatically. Our platform manages the intents & handlers using JSON or YML and wants to provide handlers and other required objects like intents at runtime. I’m thinking to write a global component that handles this programmatic handlers.

Is this possible to hook or middleware? We need for Jovo v4.

Thanks in advance.

Manikanta G


Hi @manikanta, welcome to the Jovo Community :tada:

Something like this is maybe possible using the if property in the @Handle decorator:


Hi Jan, thanks for the response. But I’m not sure how @if() is helpful in our case.

We need to add components, subcomponents, intent handlers dynamically at runtime. I sent a detailed mail about this.



@jan any help is much appreciated. Thanks