Reverse google Action build, strange error with two yaml files in the same path



Hi everyone,
since I added accountLinking to my action, I can’t reverse build my action anymore.
If I use the two commands:

jovo get googleAction
jovo build -p googleAction --reverse

I get following error message with two yaml files in the path “…\accountLinkingSecret.yaml\settings.yaml”:

Error: There was a problem:
» Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open
» ‘path-to-project\platforms\googleAction\settings\accountLinkingSecret.yaml\settings.yaml’

both of these files are in the folder: “…\platforms\googleAction\settings” and both seem fine. If I remove the file “accountLinkingSecret.yaml” from the folder the command works.


Ah yes, this is a known bug, I created an issue for you to track here. This will be fixed with v4 of the Jovo CLI, if not sooner.


cool, thank you for the information :slight_smile:


@Simon how did you add the properties to generate the accountLinkingSecret.yaml?

Tried everything, in project.js, inside the manifest object, outside… and it doesn’t generate the file.

I’m only able to do it by adding it manually before creating the file with gactions encrypt command.

Somehow, the other properties for account linking are working and in the right place when using jovo build command.


Hi @newtester

Until this fix or Jovo v4 is out I use the “Actions Console” from Google to fill out all the necessary account linking informations. You still can use “jovo get googleAction” after that and you get the accountLinkingSecret.yaml, if you need it.