Reverse google Action build, strange error with two yaml files in the same path



Hi everyone,
since I added accountLinking to my action, I can’t reverse build my action anymore.
If I use the two commands:

jovo get googleAction
jovo build -p googleAction --reverse

I get following error message with two yaml files in the path “…\accountLinkingSecret.yaml\settings.yaml”:

Error: There was a problem:
» Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open
» ‘path-to-project\platforms\googleAction\settings\accountLinkingSecret.yaml\settings.yaml’

both of these files are in the folder: “…\platforms\googleAction\settings” and both seem fine. If I remove the file “accountLinkingSecret.yaml” from the folder the command works.


Ah yes, this is a known bug, I created an issue for you to track here. This will be fixed with v4 of the Jovo CLI, if not sooner.


cool, thank you for the information :slight_smile: