Sanity checking: Which version of Dialogflow does Jovo v3 now support?



And is Dialogflow still considered the best way to get a Google agent set up to share my Lambda back end?

Presumed user error: I’m getting some complaints about “Entity display name ‘’ is not valid, it may contain only the following: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _ (underscore), - (dash). And it should start with a letter.” And likewise for sys.duration, though I can actually get by without duration for now since that feature is disabled. I probably need to go all the way back to the canonical code and the getting-set-up-with-lambdas document to refresh my memory.

Yes, my references to these in the model file use the form. The intent file being generated looks like:

	"id": "fedf5830-0079-4c4d-9cce-920d55b668fa",
	"name": "DateIntent",
	"auto": true,
	"webhookUsed": true,
	"responses": [
			"parameters": [
					"isList": false,
					"name": "date",
					"value": "$date",
					"dataType": ""

BTW, just a heads up: I had hoped to start bringing this up on the Google Hub (the version with a display), since I now have some basic support for the Amazon Show (ditto). Alas, the Hub apparently refuses to install on a network with Access Point Protection turned on, and these days I am not willing to disable anything that vaguely resembles a security feature. There may be workarounds involving yet another router, but honestly I consider this bad design on Google’s part. So the Hub’s on its way back to Google and will be declared Officially Unsupported. Luckily the non-screen Google devices don’t have this weakness, so I don’t have to abandon the portability goal entirely.


We recommend using Google Conversational Actions:


Thanks again. I should have remembered seeing that mentioned.